A Few Awards

British Academy Award Nomination
(for a web project) 1

Society for Technical Communication Award 2

Mini of the Month (cartooning award from Comics F/X Magazine; won four times in a row) 3

USA Today Hot Site 1

Project Cool Sighting of the Day 1

Health Explorer “Best Site” 1

NetGuide Platinum 1

NetGuide Gold 3

New York City Science Fair Second Prize (as a child, for building a seismograph) 3

1 Awarded to team project on which San was the lead.
2 Awarded to team project on which San was a member.
3 Awarded to San personally.

Core Skills



. . . . . . .

Prototype Development

Editorial Direction

Creative Direction

Art Direction & Graphic Design

Computer Graphics

Prepress Tech

Web Tech
(including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, & Photoshop)

Public Speaking

Past Job Titles

San usually freelances, but not always. Some staff positions he’s held over the years, in reverse chronological order:

Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director
(Web + print)

Director of Web Technology

Director of Print Technology

Director of Technology

Staff Artist

English Teacher


Lawrence San is both a writer and visual artist, and has worked in each field for many years. (Sometimes he integrates the two, such as in communication projects for clients or cartoon stories for fans.) San’s published writing has included two columns, each of which ran for a couple of years: San On Web, about the technical, design, and psychological aspects of Web development; and inSANity, an irreverent business column about making a living as a freelancer. Other writings have covered a broad range of technical, corporate, and marketing subjects for a diverse group of clients. San’s published artwork has included both editorial and advertising illustration, as well as self-published cartoon stories. His unpublished work includes short stories, a children’s book, and various cartoons. Much of this latter work will eventually appear on this or related Web sites.

In past years in New York, San worked as a high school English teacher (first in a violent inner-city school, then in a school for the intellectually gifted and talented); as a painter (more or less within the expressionist tradition); and as a graphic artist. In the latter field, he worked his way up from production artist, to graphic designer, to art director, to creative director; and has lectured on subjects such as graphic design, typographic theory, and design/writing integration to large and small audiences of editors, art directors, and business/tech writers in the United States and Japan. He was also one of the very first print designers to make the transition to Web design, and started building sites back when most people had never heard of the Web.

In more recent years, working out of Boston, San has been prototyping publications and other communication projects for clients and employers. For example, he built a small-business webzine (for his then-employer) that quickly received rave press reviews and won several awards — including a nomination for a British Academy Award, the only American webzine so honored at the time. He then headed the editorial and art team that launched a related print magazine, serving as its editor-in-chief and creative director. Other San prototypes have included career guides, technology handbooks, and training materials. These prototypes often take on a life of their own (as an ongoing series of publications) long after San hands off the project. San has also built award-winning Web sites in the communication, staffing, and medical fields.

San has been the featured speaker at seminars in several cities around the world, including Tokyo, but also enjoys speaking privately with individuals such as yourself about a wide range of subjects. He encourages contact from fans or critics of his stories, and from business people and professionals who’d like to discuss their current or planned communication projects.

You’re reading the short, professional version of the About San page. There’s also a longer, much more personal version.

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Typical Projects

San has worked on hundreds of projects. Some in which he’s played the lead role:

a webzine launch a print magazine launch a regular online column about web technology an illustrated magazine column about freelancing the world’s first patient- oriented radiology web site a major hospital web site a couple of corporate web sites a series of innovative career guides technology handbooks for talent agents graphic- technology training programs graphic- arts proficiency tests for two different talent agencies corporate “quals” (capabilities brochures) hi-tech marketing materials international speaking engagements cartoon illustrations (character designs and backgrounds) for a multimedia animation project

© 2003 Lawrence San

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