Graphics-Tech Resources

Not much in this technical section yet (three pages linked to this one, to be exact). It will grow. Feel free to send your comments and suggestions.

Materials currently available:

Graphic File Types Overview: A table describing the main graphic file types and their characteristics.

"Apes" explanatory sheet (PDF, about 88k):   Why do we trace raster images into vector form?

"Dogs" explanatory sheet (PDF, about 480k):   Main graphic image types — a visual demonstration.

Warning:  The “dogs” page is a complex file. It should display correctly (although slowly) in Adobe Reader (either the standalone application or the Web browser plugin), and many people have printed it successfully to PostScript printers. However, the file displays incorrectly (typically, with all the text invisible) in some versions of Apple’s “Preview”, “Foxit Reader” (for Firefox), and probably in other third-party PDF readers. This may also be related to how much RAM you have available. In fact, you could probably use this file to test the ability of third-party PDF readers to render complex PDFs accurately! I’ll try to rebuild the file in a simpler form when I get the chance. (Moral: don’t create complex PDFs with many text blocks in Photoshop!)


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